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About Us

About Us

Atrium Lightweight Materials Inc.

Atrium Lightweight Materials Inc is your nexus point between raw mineral materials and the facilitation of their use in industrial applications. It is the specific attributes of a mineral which determines how it can be utilized or blended sometimes with other minerals sourced from around the world. Many companies have inefficiencies or input requirements that require a unique mineral solution. Certain regions of the world have resources which can offer exceptional added value when utilized by a company in a different geographical context.

We began as a supplier of lightweight aggregates throughout Alberta and Western Canada. Due to the extreme frozen temperatures underground utilities needed to be placed 2 to 3 meters below the grade of the surface to stay below the frostline in winter. This is a considerable increase in cost relative to a standard shallow utility structure which is near the surface. Surrounding the pipe with an expanded shale, which has a lower thermal conductivity, frost protection is created to facilitate the implementation of shallow utilities that will no longer freeze during the winter. It also offers drainage of excess water around or near the pipe. We are the exclusive supplier of Aggrelite™ and Granulite™ lightweight expanded shale which is used in various geotechnical applications involving underground pipe insulation for shallow utility applications. These materials are also useful as a structural fill over poor soils & marshlands.

Geofill™ is a product line which utilizes different mineral resources for different geotechnical applications. Geotechnical requirements vary based on the rate of internal friction on a slope or the specific density of a material behind a retaining wall. In this instance the objective is to achieve the reduction of dead load and lateral forces. Higher compressive strength combined with lower density in the material improves embankment stability.

The versatility offered in various mineral combinations is extensive. Specialty clays can also offer many unique characteristics. Sodium bentonite clay is an example of a material with many diverse industrial applications. The applications range from a soil sealant for wetlands, ponds and sanitary landfills to integral utilization in pesticides and paper production. Kaolin clay is also used in the paper industry. It serves as a paper coating which improves the appearance of the paper in terms of brightness, smoothness, gloss and printability. The paper industry utilizes kaolin clay as a filler as well which reduces input costs by offsetting rising lumber prices.

Value Added Solutions

It is our goal to create customized solutions for specific industrial input applications. If you have an increasing input cost in your production process do not hesitate to contact us to explore a natural or engineered mineral alternative. We can source and identify scarce minerals or even rare earth elements if it is congruent with your requirements. Even slight variations in the constitution of an input mineral can have implications on the efficacy of the production process of a manufacturer. The chemical composition of a material can sometimes even enhance the attributes of an existing product. This is readily apparent in the agricultural sector in many different product lines including slow release fertilizers.