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Marconite ™

Marconite is a synthetic material, specifically for use in earthing applications.

Aggrelite ™

AGGRELITE ™ is very effective when utilized as a shallow. It has a mohs hardness of 5.5

Granulite ™

Granulites are a class of high-grade metamorphic rocks of the granulite facies that have experienced high-temperature and moderate-pressure metamorphism. A granulite may be visually quite distinct with abundant small pink or red pyralspite garnets in a ‘granular’ holocrystalline matrix.

Geofill ™

Geofill-Leca is an acronym and it stands for: Lightweight expanded clay aggregate. It sounds very complicated, but it’s quite easy to explain. Essentially, Leca is a growing medium, like soil, in which you can grow your plants. Leca is a collection of baked clay balls that expand when you soak them